The company's core business is to provide general contracting, project management and construction services to the NWT and Federal governments and the oil and gas exploration industry.

E. Gruben’s Transport Ltd. (EGT) is a 100% privately owned Inuvialuit company operating company from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT founded by Mr. Eddie Gruben in 1973. Over the past 40 years EGT has grown to become one of the largest contracting, logistical and support companies in the Western Arctic / Mackenzie Delta Region.

The company remains 100% privately owned by Mr. Gruben and his two grandsons. The company’s base of operations remains in Tuktoyaktuk but also operates out of Inuvik and Sahtu Regions of the NWT, Alberta and British Columbia. EGT owns facilities and has offices in Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik and Devon, Alberta.
The company’s core business is to provide general contracting, project management and construction services to the NWT and Federal governments and the oil and gas exploration industry.

Our specialized expertise includes:

General contracting
Project management and Logistical support services;
Gravel and ice (winter overland or floating) road construction
Heavy equipment supply/support services
Remote arctic work site access, mobilizations and completions
Shore based support services for offshore oil exploration including dock facilities for barge loading/unloading, yard space for materials management, hanger/ramp/office facility support for heli/air services
Trucking services – Rig moving, bulk freight, inter-territorial/provincial
Lease construction
Skilled personnel supply


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#4984 NWT LTD.​

#4984 NWT Ltd. is a real estate company based in Inuvik owned 33% by EGT with two Inuvik partners. The company owns several apartment buildings in Invuvik.

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EGT is the majority shareholder of HAVGUN a new subsidiary in partnership with Great Slave Helicopters Ltd./Discovery Air to provide full service rotary wing charter support services to the oil and gas industry and government in Inuvialuit Settlement Region encompassing the Beaufort/Mackenzie Delta region. Our fleet of over 75 includes Hughs, Astar, Longranger, Jet Rangers and Bells helicopters, configured for a variety of specialty operations, and our team of experienced pilots and engineers ensure each of these aircraft provide our clients with outstanding service and safety.

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The Mackenzie Delta Hotel Group (MDHG), majority owned (61%) by EGT, was formed in 1999 through a partnership of Mackenzie Delta businesses that consolidated their hotel assets. MDHG owns and operates the following hotels/buildings in Inuvik:

a) Mackenzie Hotel – A new 96 room hotel completed in July, 2006
b) Eskimo Inn – A 72 room hotel centrally located in Inuvik

MDHG’s Mackenzie Hotel, and the Eskimo Inn, are the only accommodation facilities with in-house restaurant and lounge services.

MDHG holds a 100% owned subsidiary, Amerk Investments Ltd. (Amerk) is used by MDHG to operate the MDHG liquor licences.

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Storm Communications provides dedicated voice and data networking services to the oil and gas companies working in the Western Arctic / Mackenzie Delta. The company is owned 51% by EGT and 49% by New North Networks. The company is based in Inuvik and has operated since 2000. It owns key linking installations located in Inuvik, Storm Hills and Tuktoyaktuk.

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EGT (33.3%) is one of three aboriginal companies that own MDIOS. MDIOS was formed in 2002, operating from offices located in Inuvik, to combine our northern strengths and infrastructures to further support and market best-in-kind southern integrated oilfield services alliance partners to provide services to exploration operators in the Mackenzie Delta region. MDIOS is majority Inuvialuit owned with 13 specialized oilfield services alliance partners. Please visit www.mdios.com for more information.

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E. Gruben’s Transport Petroleum Products Division (EGTPP) a wholly owned subsidiary has been providing bulk petroleum product supply services in the community of Tuktoyaktuk since 1999. EGTPP maintains a 4.3 million litre tank farm in Tuktoyaktuk and operates a fleet of six fuel trucks equipped with electronic temperature compensation meters.